A little more love


Hello friends!

So this might just have won my favorite OOTD photoshoot ever! My friend and I found this bridge around Echo Park and we decided to sit on the ledge and it was absolutely worth it because some of these pictures are amazing! In fact, the above has just become my favorite picture of me ever -maybe it’s the joy at doing something so spur of the moment-. I don’t know but I love it and the wild youth really goes well with my printed tee. I think printed tees are a great way to make a statement and to channel that ‘wild youth’ feeling (and I certainly did). Mine says ‘Love More’ and it is definitely a feeling I encourage people doing more, after all, the world can never have too much love!

I paired my printed tee -one of my faves- with a pencil skirt because I wore this to the office. One of my favorite outfit choices is a pencil skirt with a t-shirt because I think it’s a great mix of business and casual and it looks so effortless and cool. I am definitely not very cool but I still adore this outfit very much because it makes me feel a little bit like my inner rocker is popping out. Lately I’ve forgone high-heels and opted for flats, especially because I’m off to running around and doing fun stuff afterwards so comfort is key. I also bought some vintage sunnies, what do you think? Love em or leave em? I like the gold detailing because I think it makes them look a little unique.

All in all, such a wonderful adventure!

I’m wearing an H&M skirt, Steve Madden flats (similar here) and purse (similar here) and Chasing Rainbows Printed Tee (sold out),

To days to come, all my love to long ago!


bridge 11bridge 6bridge 3bridge 10bridge 4bridge 2

The midriff movement

Photo courtesy of: E Online

Hello friends!

So the Emmy’s went down last night and I thought I’d tackle the best dressed at this event instead of the VMA’s because in all honesty I didn’t watch the VMA’s (sorry!). In any case, whenever there is a chance of big ball gowns being shows I am on it like there is no tomorrow. I wish I could wear ball gowns in real life because they are just so stunning but alas, that is not to be so I stick to my boho roots and carry on. In any case, here are my two best dressed at the Emmy’s in what I like to call: the midriff movement.It is no secret I’m a fan of crop tops (or showing your waist). In truth, anything nineties inspired is right up my alley because I am forever sad the nineties are over.

First off, Sarah Hyland looking flawless in Christian Siriano. Not that I expected anything less from Christian Siriano but this look is just epic. It’s simple and classic and she looks amazing. The color in the skirt is right up my alley and the top bun is my signature look in life when I don’t want to wash my hair so this one really speaks to me on a cellular level. This look is also surprisingly easy to recreate in real life with a maxi that has less volume or with a shorter skirt. So then there’s an added bonus to loving this look. My second best dressed of the night is Lizzy Caplan in Donna Karan Atelier, looking flawless and showing some side midriff. So classy, so stylish, it’s timeless and perfect. Thank you Lizzy because I have loved you since Mean Girls and you are my favorite for many reasons including the many vintage feels to Grace Kelly this is giving me.

To days to come, all my love to long ago!


Photo courtesy of: E Online

Little by little

Photo courtesy of: Ascendanti

Hello friends!

Today I bring my weekly monday motivation and this one really speaks to me because I have a tendency of being way to harsh on myself over the things I haven’t achieved yet and never really stop and process what I have achieved. Sometimes it’s good to take a breath and look back at all you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come. I honestly think the 16 year old me would be incredibly proud of the person I am today and it can only get better if I keep working hard and keeping my standards for myself high. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Sometimes you get set backs and have to start over that leg of the race but slowly you get to the goals you set yourself. Never stop working hard if it’s something you love doing, it may take a while but you’ll get there.

I feel there’s a lot of pressure on us to achieve things by a certain time frame and if it doesn’t then you’re supposed to quit and re-evaluate and this just adds so much stress to our lives. Mr. Tolkien himself took his time writing his novel and he is still remembered as one of the greatest writers humanity has seen. Don’t get consumed by time-lines, it’s never too late (or early) to start doing what you love. Just work hard, don’t take it for granted and keep on keeping on. With time you’ll find you’ve built something quite sturdy and amazing. Little by little, you get somewhere.

To days to come, all my love to long ago!


Flashback sunday


Photo courtesy of: Lavalizard

Hello friends!

And a new VMA’s ceremony awaits us today. I am forever obsessed with this red carpet because it’s just so fun to watch. Someone always dresses insane and it makes for things we will remember for a long time. I’m still obsessed with the Nirvana performance of 92′ and who could forget Madonna in 84′. The VMA’s are just iconic and I can’t wait to see what happens tonight. Who will wear a nuts outfit? Who will be iconic? I decided to round up my top 5 fashion moments at the VMA’s. Some are favorites for the quality, others for the insanity they elude.

Without further ado, my top 5.

#1. Madonna


This is the original iconic fashion moment. Nudity became the norm after this but truly, no one ever did it better than Madonna in the 80’s. The performance was also incredible! Iconic and to be honest, this is a great fashion moment and a dress that could definitely be worn today -of course it won’t be as great-.

#2. Kanye West and Amber Rosekanye and amber rose

Photo courtesy of: Straight From the A

I think they can probably blame this one on the Alcohol. I mean seriously, a snake print body suit? Kanye looks like a fashion pro though.

#3. Hayley Williams

Photo courtesy of: Buzzworthy 

This is the coolest skirt in the history of the world and no one will convince me that I don’t need this in my closet. It’s perfect, it’s cool and it’s rock n’roll. Thank you Hayley for single handedly saving rock. It is greatly appreciated.

#4. Lady Gaga (Joe Calderone)

Photo courtesy of: Shopping Savage

There was nothing better than Joe Calderone. He was cool, he was amazing and he was Lady Gaga. Gaga I miss him, bring him back sometime for old times’ sake!

#5. Spice Girls!

Photo courtesy of: MTV

Girl Power! I mean, the platform sneakers, the union jack one-piece, the crazy boots, the babydoll dresses, Posh Spice. I can’t with this. I miss the Spice Girls and this was them in their most iconic.

Bonus: Gwen Stefani

Photo courtesy of: Everything In Time

Yeah, this happened.

Adventures in time and space

time travel mart

Hello friends!

On today’s adventure, I gotta tell you, I may have found one of the coolest places I will ever see in my life. See, as you know I adore Doctor Who, and in honor of today’s episode airing, I had to share this store I stumbled upon in Echo Park around L.A. It’s called the ‘Time Travel Mart’ and it is a store after my own heart. First of all, their tag line (which you can see above) is nothing short of genius and in it you will find a bunch of knick knacks and rarities which are way cool to look at. I’ll show you a few of my favorites in the pictures and I’ll tell you how I stumbled into this. See, they have this festival called Echo Park Rising and we went to a comedy show -which was a lot of fun- that happened in the back room of this store! It all felt very secretive and fun, like being let into a big secret.

As you can see from the photos I am also very uncool and took photos of everything because honestly, you only live once and I wanted to document this. It was so much fun, the robot milk was a personal favorite and just everything about it. My dorkiest wish, even though it’s not realistic at all, is to be able to time travel. I’d love to see the past and the future of the human race and I adore little quirky stores like this. So when the two combine I am a happy camper.

To days to come, all my love to long ago!


time travel mart 3

(me being way too excited to be there)

time travel mart 2

(robots and cavemen)

time travel mart 4time travel mart 5time travel mart 6

(fresh from 1985!)

time travel mart 8

(I don’t think they watched Jurassic Park)

time travel mart 9(of course, some robot milk is good for the bones)

The geek touch

flower crowns 7

Hello friends!

As you know I’m a hippie at heart. Vintage makes me melt inside and I absolutely adore the indie spirit. As such, I embrace the fashion styles completely and do my best to incorporate them into my daily life. There are days where my boho vibe comes out more than others because of work and other commitments, but then, there are days where I can completely zone into my indie self and these are my favorite fashion moments. As such, I bring you my favorite OOTD in a really long time: the vintage shorts with the crop top combo. I added a flower crown for a touch of boho and since I couldn’t be bothered with my contacts kept my geek vibe with my glasses. Of course if this is what you’re going for, Chucks can’t be missing in this outfit and voila! a winning indie combination every time -if you ask me-.

I read somewhere that there is an age where you’re no longer allowed to wear certain outfits, and short shorts apparently have an expiration date. I don’t agree with this at all, if you’ve got the legs to flaunt and you’re proud of them, why shouldn’t you take your turn around the trend? I definitely feel that I’ll be the girl wearing short shorts well into her thirties because I just think they’re amazing! I especially adore the ones that, like these, used to be jeans and were fashioned into shorts. See, for the longest time I wasn’t feeling very much my body and I was at war with it so I kept hiding it and then I woke up and realized, when I’m 65 I’m going to want the short shorts pictures. You need to be proud of your bodies and wear whatever you want and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it!

I’m wearing vintage levi’s short shorts bought at Blu Sugar (similar here), Mossimo Crop Top, Chuck Taylors, Forever 21 sweater (similar here), Steve Madden purse (similar here) and Flower Crown bought in a flea market.

To days to come, all my love to long ago!


flower crownsflower crowns 2flower crowns 8flower crowns 3flower crowns 5flower crowns 4

Hat Days

hat days 2

Hello friends!

Today’s OOTD features my brand new hat that I love. I bought it the other day and it was completely unnecessary but I needed to have it because it reminds me of days gone by. These felt floppy hats just scream vintage silver screen queen and I love the feel of them. I think they elevate any outfit and make you seem a million times more mysterious and alluring. They just have this vintage vibe that I can’t seem to stop being in love with. The hat didn’t originally go with the outfit but when I bought it I thought it complimented it a lot so I just went with it and I loved the overall effect of the lace cardigan and the blue sweater to offset the floppy hat. Also, hats are amazing for bad hair days and no one will convince me otherwise.

I got the hat at TopShop when I went to the Grove in LA. The Grove is this outside mall that has a farmer’s market inside and it is a very cool place. It is also the only TopShop in LA I believe and I mean who doesn’t love shopping? I am obsessed with this blue dress because first of all, it’s a scuba knit which is the best material ever and second of all, the color is just so bright and colorful that I can’t help thinking about summer when I wear it. Do you guys love bringing summer elements into your outfits?

I’m wearing a Forever 21 lace cardigan (similar here, here and here), TopShop hat (similar here), H&M Shoes (similar here) and Cynthia Rowley dress (similar here)

To days to come, all my love to long ago!


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