My Calvins

By Camila Abisambra

It seems the unbelievers are being shut down one ad campaign at a time because Kendall Jenner just scored an iconic campaign: Calvin Klein. Kendall is featured in their latest denim campaign looking, in my opinion, a little unrecognizable but still iconic. The news broke out yesterday and the ad campaign is truly spectacular. From walking fashion months biggest shows to starring in ads left and right, it seems Kendall really is becoming the model of the moment along with pal Gigi Hadid. Even Vogue decided they were part of the ‘New Brat Pack’.

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By Camila Abisambra

Do you ever have those days when things just feel like they’re coming together on their own? I’ve been feeling that way lately. Somehow I’ve been feeling more comfortable in my own skin and I’m feeling like I’ve got some clarity. It’s crazy but after a really long time of feeling lost and scared things are sort of working themselves out. I guess the only things that really matter in life are hard word and effort, those two things will not betray you. What’s funny is that even areas of my life I’ve been neglecting are sort of coming together. For example, I haven’t been paying attention to my social life and yet I’ve met a lot of cool people and it seems I’m always running around hanging out with different people. Funny how that happens.

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Chilling at home

By Camila Abisambra

It’s felt like forever since I could take a day off and just relax. Just stay home, watch tv and not think about much else. I think as I’ve grown up I get less and less rest because I’m constantly jumping from one thing to another and trying to excel at everything which leaves no time for TV and movies. Honestly, it’s been months since I’ve gone to the movie theatre. Today I decided to make time since I didn’t have to work for a staycation. I stayed in, ordered food and just saw movies all day and it’s such a nice break from the hectic mess that my life can be sometimes. But just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to impress, even if it’s just yourself.

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The timeless Bill Cunningham

By Jessica GD

Moving around New York with his bike and blue jacket while shooting street-style, Bill Cunningham has been seeking creativity in lieu of brands and uniqueness instead of celebrities since he started working for The New York Times 37 years ago. His work is well known among the fashion world and being chosen by his camera is the best complement you may ever receive, after all, as Anna Wintour said, “We all get dressed for Bill.”

Last march 13th was his 89th birthday and to celebrate his unique point of view and amusing personality… kids and muffins, here you have 5 quotes that’ll help you to know Bill better and get to love him forever and always.

  1. “In order for the street to speak to you, you’ve got to stay out there and see what it is. There’s no shortcut, believe me.”

Patience and a hard work is what helps him to present such refine and exhaustive work. Daily he moves around NYC taking photos in his bike and hoping to find on his way someone, or something, who steps out of the crowds.

  1. “Lot of people has taste but they don’t have the daring to be creative.”

That’s why he loves to show how everyone wears differently what everyone is wearing –ah?-. He leaves behind boring outfits that follows general trends and “styling rules” that’s why It isn’t weird at all the attention Iris Apfel, Anna dello Russo, Miroslava Duma and, not so long ago, Anna Piaggi, receive from him, right?

  1. “I don’t care about celebrities’ free clothes.”

Mainly because most of them have stylists as their right hand, which means they only wear trends and “it” pieces instead of personal choices. Also, he adores to catch people acting natural, being truly themselves while moving around. This makes him prefer freezing days because nobody has time to stop and pose while running away from the rain or snow…

  1. “Each morning when you get dressed, when you go out, fashion just lifts your spirit.”

And given that what lifts each one spirit is not the same, Bill’s weekly column main mission has been to highlight how fashion is upgraded on the streets and how it’s always used as a way of expression.

  1. “Now, no one has to panic. Nothing is replacing black. NOTHING.”

To find street-style patterns is his things and sometimes (most times) he finds those concepts and details that nobody else has noticed. So every time you check his column a new color is popping up, a new fabric or line is taking over the world but Bill’s experience isn’t free and his feedback about what he finds can be pretty accurate.


How to deal with having a hot younger brother

By Diego Benavides

Many times I have read articles where the authors (all of them women) mention, complain or describe funny situations because they have younger –and hotter- sisters. Well ladies and gentleman, my younger brother is hotter than me.

Since I was 5 I realized that my brother was a cute baby, once my aunt called him “a little angel” (he was a demon to me). While time passed he became a little kid, a really good looking one. I was jealous; he was taking all the attention I used to receive from the family. I’m not jealous anymore, I got used to it. When he was 8 I understood that he was the good looking brother, I’m the intelligent one.

At the beginning I thought it was a problem, but when I started dating girls my “little brother” (I’m 5 years older) became a nice accessory. It’s very simple, we have the same genes; my kids may be as handsome as my brother. On the other hand the girls I date are my age (22) and older, he is 17.

But things were odd, once he had a crush on my date; I was 17, he was 12, and she was 15. He became a pain in the ass, and she found my little brother “cute, handsome and polite” not a nice accessory. I hated it. He had no chance with her: that was a breaking point. In general girls don’t date younger guys. He isn’t a threat anymore.

But the story is very different with my friends. Here a list of situations we experienced

  • Once a friend, a girl, told him “I will wait until you become legal”.
  • My date asked him to date her sister, he replied he had a girlfriend; she said “when you break up with her I will introduce you to my sister”. She insists that her sister is hotter than her. I don’t agree.
  • My aunt called him “little angel”.
  • He got discounts on candy shops when we were kids. I wasn’t cute enough; he was a super nice accessory.
  • He flirts with young waitresses, which makes me very happy; my order is always ready faster than the average customers.

Sometimes I hate him being the handsome one. Sometimes I take advantage. Sometimes I laugh. But at the end of the day he is my brother, and he is really nice. If you want to verify all the information ask Camila. But don’t get so excited, he’s still underage.

Note: picture not of the brothers mentioned.

Happiness is in the details

By Camila Abisambra

It seems to me that Spring is in the air and today, in lieu of a quote, my Monday motivation is the lovely spring outfits I will soon be able to break out. See, as cold as it’s been, it’s nice to know that those days are ending and some sunshine will reach us soon. Looking at all these pretty dresses and skirts makes me so excited to get on with my week and soon enough the weather will be warm enough to dust off all those pieces from my closet and bring on a new era of for my street style.

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The diet thing

By Camila Abisambra

Ah, that dirty word: diet. I absolutely loathe it and cannot stand it and yet 45 million people in the USA alone claim to be on diets and spend $33 billion dollars on diet products each year. It seems everyone is on a diet and is worried about being healthier. It would also seem that being skinny has become synonymous with being healthy.  I have struggled with my weight and body image for as long as I can remember and have always been pressured by friends and family to go on diets and lose weight. I believe the word used by many is ‘chubby’. Funnily enough, on the other side of the things my best friend tells me she’s really impressed with how healthy I eat. It’s a paradox isn’t it? In a world constantly pushing healthy eating on us, it seems that the way they measure if someone is healthy or unhealthy is by how much they weight alone.

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